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12.6 sq. m
кабинет ученого
кабинет ученого
кабинет ученого
кабинет ученого
кабинет ученого
кабинет ученого

A researcher in the nuclear industry is a highly qualified generalist who solves complex multicomponent problems. Therefore, the organization of his working space is critically important both for making scientific breakthroughs and for daily high-quality work that ensures the development of the nuclear industry.


A properly organized workspace is a necessary element in scientific work, because a sharpened pencil and a sheet of clean paper that are at hand in time can be more important than modern laboratory facilities.

The office is not a work of art, but a production tool that helps the researcher to carry out his activities. Therefore, the design solutions that make up his project are always a compromise between artistic and business value, between functionality and aesthetics of the room.

Nature and its structure - is a bottomless well of ideas and thoughts
for the improvement of human life.

- honeycombs;- dense packaging of the polio virus; c - basalt blocks formed from volcanic lava, Giants Causeway in Ireland; - crystal structure of graphene; - hexagonal dense packing of actin and myosin in muscle fibers; - cells arranged in the form of hexagons in the lens.

Often, not one scientist is working on one scientific project, but an integral working group. The hexagonal shape of the cabinet allows you to combine them into clusters. The walls are joined along a glass partition, in which case each researcher feels himself in a common single space, but at the same time separated by partitions.

Rooms can be combined according to the number of employees in the development group. The unusual shape of the resulting clusters makes it possible to more effectively form the space around the offices, diverting it not only to the aisles, but also to the recreation area.

The special geometry of the room allows you to combine several cabinets into clusters, effectively forming the space.
4 people
in a group
3 persons
in a group
2 persons
in a group
1 person
in a group

The height of the cabinet walls is less than the height of the ceiling of the building, thanks to which we can form a single working space without being tied to communications (electricity and ventilation), which allows us to adapt various rooms for scientific organizations.


Color is a powerful means of influencing the human psyche. The peculiarity of color is that it acts on us at an unconscious level. Therefore, with the right color scheme, you can control your physical and psychological processes.

White - a symbol of purity and order, in combination with other colors gives them great strength and brightness. White color is the starting point in planning the color scheme of the interior. It is able to create an atmosphere of psychological comfort, allows you to abstract from the outside world, representing an ideally clean space.

Gray Colour will help to tune in to a business mood, create a calm working environment.

Yellow, orange, ocher (wood color) - colors that have a positive effect on mental activity, helping to perceive new ideas more easily. The presence of bright spots in the interior gives dynamics to the office and stimulates vigorous activity.


Wood - a material that carries a special atmosphere of comfort and harmony, which can only be created by nature itself.

Glass – a material that opens up space, a transparent workplace is a living space. Information flows faster, a person feels immersed in this flow, in the life of a scientific institute. At the same time, glass transparent partitions do not exclude the possibility of seclusion: people see each other, feel each other's presence, but using the partition as a filter, they can concentrate on the problem without being distracted by extraneous noise.

The room, organized by glass partitions, radiates strength and energy, which pushes the scientist to make new discoveries. Wood - creates a feeling of comfort.


According to modern trends in workspace solutions, separated closed spaces with simple finishing of work areas and the luxury of presidential offices are gradually giving way to transparent, full of energy spaces with functional and thoughtful interior elements.
For productive work, the convenience and comfort of the workplace is necessary, so the office has an ergonomic orthopedic chair, a table with a large work surface, a modern powerful computer and chairs for visitors.

Despite the computerization of scientific work, many employees keep a significant amount of paper documentation. To do this, the office has a special storage area - a cabinet-rack located behind the back of the employee, so that the necessary data is always "at hand".

Experienced psychologists strongly advise decorating workplaces with living plants. The fact is that even a short contemplation of a living plant by a person quickly and effectively calms the nervous system, allows you to relax and gain strength for further work, let go of negative thoughts and recharge your good mood. Therefore, in the study of a scientist, an indispensable attribute of interior decoration is a flower potted plant.

The main criteria for choosing office furniture are:
multifunctionality, ergonomics and modern technologies

In their work, many scientists use the "brainstorming" method, and to fulfill this need, the office is equipped with a writing board. Its function is performed by the matte surfaces of glass partitions, they are located in such a way that they are always in front of the scientist's eyes, allowing him to concentrate on the problem and catch the idea faster.


Temporary text and graphic inscriptions applied with adhesive tape are placed on the outer gypsum fiber walls of the office. They talk about the achievements of this scientific institute over the past year, thereby motivating the scientist to further research. Touch panels are also placed on these walls, from which everyone passing by the office will be able to learn about the current developments of the institute, a single group of scientists that make up the cluster, or a specific scientist.

Due to the special geometry of the walls of the cabinets, which form a passage between the wall of the cabinet and the wall of the building itself, the time of visual contact with the materials located on the walls increases.

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