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Moscow, Babushkinskaya


67.2 sq. m



Ceiling height

3.30 m

We were approached for help by a young active girl who liked our project on Leninskaya Sloboda and she wanted exactly the same housing in terms of color and style. But of course, we did not succeed in exactly this, because each project is unique, like its customer.


The open floor plan can be both a challenge and a real gift for the interior designer of these spacious apartments. On an area of 67 square meters, we managed to create ideal conditions for the life of the owner of the apartment - an active girl who appreciates comfort. In addition to a cozy bedroom, a well-thought-out kitchen-living room area and a spacious entrance hall appeared here. But the main trump card was a small but super functional bathroom.


We immediately decided that the largest room would take the place of the kitchen-living room, and the bedroom would be located in the adjacent spacious bright room with two windows and access to the loggia.

We separated the kitchen from the room with a partition, on one side of which we placed a refrigerator and a tall cabinet with built-in household appliances, and on the other a bookcase for a large collection of hostess books. and at the same time leave the possibility of access to natural light.


Color and texture have become the main criteria for choosing a floor covering. It was necessary to maintain the color of the walls and vintage furniture elements, so we chose a solid board with a grayish tint. Brushing gives a light textural effect, paying homage to the age of vintage furniture. We wanted to place tiles on the kitchen floor and opted for a bright “carpet” from TopCer, thereby isolating the cooking area and at the same time making it has a color accent.

The black contrasting details we used - checkerboard tiles in the hallway, black dining table, black worktop, dark metal chandeliers - made it possible to create an energetic interior.

Mostly in the decoration of the walls, we used the matte paint Little Greene. Initially, we planned to paint the wall behind the TV in the bedroom in the same tone as the rest of the room, but later decided to add a geometric pattern using wallpaper from Zoffany, and thus we got a brighter mood in the room.

As for the ceiling, it is made of GKL and painted with matte white paint Little Greene. Stucco plinths and ceiling sockets for chandeliers give it splendor.


We managed to place most of the storage area in the hallway and corridor. We tried to leave space in the rooms as much as possible, without cluttering them with large closets. But the shelving that separates the living area has become a place to store a large collection of books of the hostess.

An interesting nuance was the place where the ironing board is stored - this is a built-in niche in the bathroom, behind one of the panels with hooks for towels, to the left of the front door.


In lighting the kitchen, they preferred the built-in light from Centrsvet, not forgetting about the backlight of the work surface. To isolate the dining area, a white Diamond Tip Hanging Lamp Clea was placed above the dining table. 

In the living room, an important place is given to a large Crystal Chandelier 26 Inches crystal front chandelier - it creates a festive mood and gives the interior a special charm.


In the bedroom, we tried to pick up an equally interesting opponent for the chandelier in the living room - a 12-light chandelier in dark bronze color with an aging effect Shamley 12 Light Antique.


In the hallway, in addition to the main light, sconces Lexington Single, Eichholtz appeared - we placed them on both sides of the mirror.


Since the starting point in color was set by our last projectLeninskaya Sloboda, then the matter was small: to decompose the color scheme into pieces of furniture and decoration in our layout and fit everything into the allotted budget. For the walls of the kitchen-living room and the hallway, we used pearl gray - it served as an excellent backdrop for the white kitchen and turquoise details.

We decided to move away from the colors of the original interior toLeninskaya Slobodaand added dynamics to the interior by introducing black details and vintage furniture elements.

Our bedroom turned out in creamy coffee shades with the addition of deep blue colors. In the decoration of curtains, bedspreads and pillows, we decided to use geometric ornaments.

The bathroom is a room for relaxation, so we settled on a warm beige color. Against the background of white plumbing and a contrasting tile carpet on the floor, a banal beige looks light and fresh.


We tried to combine pieces of furniture from different price segments. So, in one living room, both an Alberta Salotti sofa and a democratic TV tube from IKEA are used, in a single dining ensemble, Colli Casa chairs and an INGATORP sliding table are used - again IKEA. 

An IKEA kitchen set with minor modifications in a carpentry workshop looks quite decent in this interior. As in many of our other interiors, we could not do without built-in custom-made furniture. Thanks to this, we managed to “hide” the massive wardrobes in the hallway and corridor, painting them in the same color as the walls.


Pictures and illustrations found at flea markets in Italy were used as decor. On the shelf above the dining table, the hostess's collection of wine corks fit in well - as a basis for candles. In the hallway, on a comfortable armchair, there was a decorative pillow with a very optimistic lettering decor - Love.


I can describe the interior style as a modern classic, where the stucco molding on the ceiling coexists perfectly with IKEA furniture.


The most difficult moment in the work on the layout was the bathroom. Here, the customer and I took a risk: in a relatively small area, we managed to place a cabinet for a sink, toilet, bidet, bathtub, washing machine, a closet for household needs, a shelf for towels, and even organize a built-in niche for an ironing board.

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