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We are committed to creating spaces that are a true reflection of our clients.

"To be a good designer, you have to get out of yourself and truly get to know your clients on a personal level. It’s not about me, it’s about them." 

Svetlana Startseva,

Founder & CEO Massimos Design Studio


A very subjective but integral concept of design.


We strive to harmoniously combine all the details of the interior, giving aesthetic pleasure to our customers.


This is the foundation, without that interiors become useless for the activity of the object of art.


In our work, the comfort and useful of the interiors are one of the main parameters that determine the success of the completed project.


We create not just an interior, we create an author's space suitable for you.


The high result and quality of our work are ensured by the fundamental knoleages, experience and continuous development of our specialists.


Creating an interior is not only design, but it's also repair and finishing work. Repair teams will not be waiting for or standing, because we guarantee an excellent result within the stated time frame.


We are constantly working hard to improve the quality of services and reduce project timeline.

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отзыв дизайн интерьера

Natalia & Aleksandr

2-bedrooms apartament, Moscow

Excellent work by the entire team - beautiful design, a complete set of documents, including a complete specification for the object.  The design of the apartment was made in accordance with our wishes, but unexpected solutions were proposed that only embellished the project.  Designer's supervision was very important in the repair process and was very necessary. The built-in furniture and curtain contractors did quality work and produced unique work. We were very pleased with the work of Svetlana and her team. The apartment has a very pleasant ambiance and the mood it creates.

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