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MR, Krasnogorsk district


55.0 sq. m



Ceiling height

2.75 m

The owners of the apartment are a young family with a 1.5-year-old daughter. This is their first home, which they have long dreamed of, so  in order for everything to work out as planned, they decided to turn to the designer for help in arranging the apartment.


The customers wanted to plan the available area in such a way that it would be used as functionally as possible, taking into account the possible replenishment of the family in the near future. It was necessary to provide a convenient storage system and so that it does not look bulky. It was also important to take into account the wish for the nursery: it should be able to accommodate a second child in the future, and the style would suit both a girl and a boy.


Because the hosts are young people and like to meet with friends, then a small living room was needed, where a guest who stayed up late could stay overnight. The head of the family often works at home, so it is important to provide a separate workplace.



It was decided to expand the kitchen area at the expense of the bedroom, turning it into a kitchen-living room. Therefore, the wall between the kitchen and the bedroom was moved towards the bedroom, thus creating a niche for a sofa on one side and a wardrobe on the other.


We also abandoned the partition separating the kitchen-living room and the corridor, thereby we managed to visually expand the space of the kitchen-living room and let daylight into the hallway.


In finishing, we gave preference to simple and practical materials. On the floor of the kitchen-living room and hallway - quartz vinyl tiles. Very durable material with almost zero abrasion, consisting of 70% quartz sand, from which the tile gets its name. There is a parquet board in the rooms.  There is a matte washable paint on the walls, which is especially practical where there are small children.

 The owner of the apartment wanted to bring something from the loft style to his house, so a painted brick wall appeared behind the sofa. 

One wall in the bedroom is covered in Cole & Son's iconic Woods wallpaper, designed by Michael Clarke back in 1959.


Unfortunately, in this layout of the apartment there is no space for a separate dressing room. But we managed to place large wardrobes in each room, which will allow us to find a place for a large number of things of the owners of the apartment. To make the cabinets look minimally bulky and be as spacious as possible, we made them built-in and up to the ceiling. The closet in the hallway was painted a bright enough blue color to transform it from an ordinary utilitarian item into a bright interior detail.

In addition to the closet in the bedroom, a chest of drawers is planned under the same worktop as the work table. We tried to use every centimeter, so we got a wall cabinet over the sofa, a bed with a lifting mechanism in the bedroom, roll-out drawers under the children's bed and a small niche behind the mirror in the hallway.


In kitchen lighting, track lights were preferred, not forgetting about the illumination of the work surface. To isolate the dining area, a La marina, Eichholtz lantern was placed above the dining table. A cozy evening atmosphere in the living room is created by swivel lights built into the shelf above the sofa. The bedroom features modern Drop ceiling lights from Centrsvet. Filament sconces by Cosmorelax are provided at the head of the bed. In the nursery, the light was built into the ceiling, so that nothing would interfere with the unrestrained children's games.


The customers wanted something calm, natural and at the same time with interesting details. So a deep blue, with a slight greenish tint, was chosen as the basis, the color of the sea, or the reflection of the sky in the water surface of the lake. The blue-green color of the cabinet perfectly complements the blue kitchen backsplash, and the ash-blue upholstery of the chairs. To prevent the kitchen from feeling cold, a warm beige shade was added to the kitchen unit and sofa. As well as chairs with wooden legs and a table made of solid wood create an atmosphere of comfort.

In the bedroom, we continued the natural color scheme and settled on green, a shade of olive and early green. The bathroom is a sand story of a wild beach with fallen trees: shades of beige and brown are perfectly combined with white sanitary ware and countertops. The nursery is a little out of our natural coloring, with its enthusiasm of a bright blue and red palette, which is perfect for both a girl's and a boy's room.


Since it was necessary to use the space to the maximum benefit, many items of furniture were made to order: built-in wardrobes, shelving in the nursery, a chest of drawers with a desk, a cabinet under the sink and a washing machine in the bathroom.

Sofa from the collection Sofa Broadway, Alberta Salotti, children's bed Pyramidka, Consul. Since we don't have much space left for our bedside tables, we used stumps from Usewood to support the natural theme. The chair in the bedroom is a replica of the famous Eames chair.


In choosing decor, we were guided by the idea of nature, natural materials and family hearth. This is how the letters HOME appeared, made in the technique of aged wood, in the bedroom - a wall-mounted bust of a deer made of acrylic.

In the nursery, the theme of nature is found in the decorative pillows of owls and the paintings on the wall in the form of different animals. We selected curtains and decorative pillows from the simplest natural fabrics. The theme is also supported by woven bedside rugs and a knitted rug in the living room.


Interior style -  peculiar  mix of functionalism and Scandinavian style. White walls, graphic wallpaper - typical of the Scandinavian style.


This is our first own apartment, and there was no understanding at all where to start repairing. After the first meeting with Svetlana, everything began to fall into place, as a result of communication with the designer, it became clear that she is not only a person with excellent taste, but also a professional who knows many engineering subtleties. I don’t like to flatter, I don’t like to say rash things, which is probably why it took me so long to write a review. Now I can say with 100% certainty that I, my husband and child are incredibly comfortable and cozy in the interior that Svetlana created for us.

My husband and I have different ideas about a comfortable interior, but the designer managed to please everyone. The apartment is very bright. Although there were many concerns about painting the walls white, we now understand that they are not justified. The walls are simply washed with a damp cloth and any childish pranks are not a problem.

I would like to say a huge thank you from our whole family not only for the cozy interior, but also for our nerves, which the designer  saved us. Only a professional can take into account all the subtleties that need to be taken into account at the repair stage. Analyzing the work done, my husband and I repeatedly came to the conclusion that we would definitely forget about many things and would spend a lot of time and effort in the future to fix it.


Without exception, all relatives and friends are delighted with what happened.

Stylish, comfortable, well thought out.

— Natalya Kuldzhanovaand Artem Nikulin

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