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SINCE 2011

We have been creating design of comercial and residential spaces: apartments, houses, educational spaces, restaurants, shops and offices.

Manages the implementation of the interior design work that the client has approved for construction. Purchasing and tracking of all orders through installation. 

We provide design consultations.

During this time we have accumulated a lot of experience and we are ready to share it with you!

Whole design book with construction drawings & interior selections from space planning and floor plan review​, built-In/cabinet design to selection of furnishings (Including upholstery, casegoods, and rugs), accessories and accent lighting, designer selected artwork and sculpture pieces​.

A project that involves the conceptual development of an object. Gives an idea of the planning and stylistic decision of the interior. It is a sure starting point for the implementation of your ideas.

The design project includes: *

1. Floor plan of measurements.

2. The dismantling of partitions plans.

3. The installation of partitions plan.

4. Furniture floor plans​ indicating the main dimensions and names (if the furniture is approved by the customer).

5. Conceptual study of the interior of each room (collage).

6. Plan of the floor indicating the coverage, dimensions, vertical marks and the nature of the abutment. Construction of complex floor assemblies and podiums (if required).

7. Ceiling plan indicating materials, dimensions, vertical marks.

8. Ceiling plan with precise bindings of lighting fixtures and outlets for connecting fixtures.

9. Plan for the placement of switches with reference to the walls.

10. Lighting scheme by light switching groups.

11. The layout of sockets, outputs for the electrical network and the network of low currents (audio, video, security and other communications), with precise bindings.

12. Scans of all rooms indicating the type of finishing materials, their layout, electrical outlets and other design features.

13. Specifications for finishing materials, plumbing, furniture, lighting.**

* The composition of the project is indicated for guidance and may vary depending on the input data and requirements.


** Visualization (3D model of the premises) may be optionally included in the draft design project.

Visualization is included in work design-project by default.

Development of several most versatile planning schemes for the design object. Gives a complete picture of the location of walls, furniture and equipment in the interior.


The purpose of supervision is control by the author of the project during construction, redevelopment, finishing and acceptance of the object, ensuring high-quality and timely execution of work on the project. The main task of architectural supervision is to ensure compliance with the documentation accepted by the customer during the design and commissioning of the final interior.

Author's support includes:


  • departure of the interior designer and the necessary technical specialists to the facility;

  • making adjustments to the working draft;

  • consultations of builders on the design project;

  • monitoring compliance with the project and the work performed.


Completing the facility with fine finishing materials, furniture, plumbing, lighting fixtures allows you to save your time and effort on the purchase of materials, as well as  to streamline repair costs. We work with a lot verified suppliers and contractors. As part of the construction of the construction object, timely delivery of items to the object and / or their guaranteed return, if necessary, is carried out.

The kit will help you relieve yourself of a number of tasks:


  • ordering finishing materials, furniture, plumbing, lighting;

  • delivery control;

  • return or replacement of purchased items;

  • search for alternatives, in case of withdrawal from production.


There is not always time, opportunity and need to draw up a full-fledged design project. In this case, consultations can be an excellent help in the process of repair, purchase of real estate or renovation of the interior and design of residental or commercial property. On them you can find answers to questions or dispel certain of your doubts.

During the consultation, you can get answers to many questions:

  • possible options for remodeling an your residential or commercial property;

  • discussion of various options for styling your interior;

  • preliminary planning of an apartment, house or commercial property, question of the possibility of coordinating redevelopment in state bodies;

  • advice on which of finishing materials and furniture would work best in your space;

  • questions of choosing an apartment when buying, taking into account the planned interior;

  • you will also receive details about the installation process and get an idea on project timeframes;

  • optimization of the space.

If you have any questions just let us know:
Or call: +7 926 188 88 90

We will be happy to make an appointment, calculate the cost of your project, answer all your questions.

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